Nigerian man uses spoons to create great artworks

– Abinoro Akporode Collins, a great Nigerian artist, makes installations with spoons, an art that always gets people talking

– Born in Nigeria in 1984, the man’s works have been exhibited as far as United Arab Emirate

– Abinoro said that his passion for art started when he was a little boy

He wowed internet users after his works resurfaced online, drawing comments from many. Simple cutleries like spoons form the main material for his artworks. He uses them to create whatever art he wants.

In some of his pictures on Instagram, he displayed amazing pieces like an eagle, human portraits, among other great works.

Abinoro was born in 1984 and graduated with distinction from the Auchi School of Art and has since exhibited his works in both Nigeria and UAE. Zee Arts Gallery noted that birds are always a subject in his works as he also gives expressions to many life issues. According to Design Indaba, the Nigerian man discovered his talent when he was small, a passion which made him pursue his interest in arts.

“As a sculptor, a major challenge as a Nigerian is poor power supply resulting in the artist spending more money running generators,” he said. Despite the odds stacked against him, Abinoro is still creating arts that have never ceased to amaze people.

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